Astro-Med, Inc. to Do Business as AstroNova.

On September 25, 2015, Astro-Med, Inc. will begin doing business as AstroNova on worldwide basis.

The Astro-Med name was originally based on the two markets where the company applied its data visualization technology — aerospace and medical. Since divesting the medical business in 2013, the “Med” part of the name no longer describes the company’s business and confuses customers and investors.

AstroNova was selected because it fits the company’s transformation strategy to deliver double-digit annual growth. “Astro” refers to the company’s strong roots in the aerospace business. “Nova” comes from the Latin word “novus,” meaning “new.” AstroNova exemplifies the company’s traditional strengths in aerospace, plus its expanding presence in test and measurement, product identification, and other new areas where data visualization technology can be applied.

Iconic Inception: See how the “A” and “N” of “AstroNova” come together to form AstroNova’s icon.

The AstroNova brand also signifies the company’s operating philosophy. The AstroNova Operating System is a comprehensive business management process to drive operational excellence throughout a growing global organization. It represents how the business is managed to achieve continuous improvement in quality, delivery, cost, and growth. The system focuses AstroNova  associates’ talents on achieving specific business objectives.

As part of the name change, we are organizing the company into the businesses as follows:

The Astro-Med Aerospace and Test & Measurement businesses will adopt the AstroNova brand for their products. The QuickLabel brand will continue to be used for products offered by the company’s QuickLabel Systems division, now part of the AstroNova Product Identification business. Coordinating new logo and brand colors have been adopted for each business. Corporate, businesses, and product line logos and colors will be unified under a new AstroNova branding system.

Customers will continue to use the present purchasing process and work with their existing sales representatives. The AstroNova name will be registered on the NASDAQ stock exchange. The company’s shares will continue to trade under its present symbol, ALOT.